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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Good News with Plenty of Appeal!

Regarding the previous communication from Agent X, I recently chased him for an update on a recent case he made Suede aware of.  The object of the case in question was a teacher ripped off by Pirate Zak and his cohort in crime, the infamous Taleb Obaid - the duo who broke UAE federal law by illegally declaring him absconding just for refusing their low-ball EOS settlement. Our intrepid hero answered my request to spill the beans, and this is the result. The news is … very good indeed!

Hi Suede,

Regarding my EOS case, I have won the following from the Federal Appeals Court: (1) six months severance compensation at full salary including benefits; (2) the same for all vacation days included in that time period; (3) an interest penalty of more than 10 percent of the amount awarded to me by the court, calculated on an annual basis for the time they delay paying me starting retroactively from the date the case was filed (to date that amounts to more than Dh54,000 and HCT has not gotten around to releasing the money to the court yet); (4) my end of service must be calculated according to my full salary with benefits and not the basic; (5) even though my last day of work was June 25, I must be paid my full salary and benefits through to my contract anniversary of August 31. The court has thus awarded me Dh450,000, not including interest penalties, whereas HCT wanted me to initially accept Dh177,000. 

Because my case was decided by the Appeals Court, a precedent for HCT employees has been set. This means that my lawyers only need to file any new cases and refer to that decision in order to get the same result.

Moreover, according to an earlier court decision, HCT will have to pay all of my legal fees and court costs because I won the case – this includes translation charges and the like.  For current and previous HCT employees, this means that even though they will have to pay legal fees and court costs initially, they will get it all back. 

Teachers terminated for not accepting the new contract terms must receive six months severance pay at full salary, in addition to end of service benefits. The same goes for those who were terminated before the end of their contracts.

It should be noted here that, since staff positions only need to give three months notice when they resign, what is said about teachers for six months must be halved for staff. 

HCT victims who have already been away from the college for two to three years can also file a case, even if they are outside the UAE. 

This is enough to chew on for now. Your readers should still contact you for the lawyer contact info, and Dr. Hassan is still the best initial contact.

Since there are HCT employees all around the country, many would have difficulty meeting the Abu Dhabi legal team, so they should form a group and try to arrange with the lawyers to meet with them closer to home. Perhaps it would be wise to offer the lawyers some money for the extra effort.


Anonymous said...

This is extraordinary!!! I doff my hat to you Suede, you have now leveled up to 'Legendary' status in the game of life. I hope you can share this magnificent victory with your core group of supporters who have been on this quest since 2010 .....

Suede Oasis said...

Me, a 'hero'? No way! The real heroes are those brave employees (and students) who have risked everything to supply Suede with their tales of mistreatment, bullying and persecution. I am, after, just the 'messenger'.

Anonymous said...

I find this suspect. What is the case number for this judgment?

Anonymous said...

The case number should be protected in order to protect the source. If you are a person in authority who mearly wants to verify the story because you want to help the country by trying to correct a UAE educational institution who has lost its way, then contact the lawyers of the case. If you are a person in authority who is concerned by this case, you should be. But you should be more concerned that this case is just the tip of an iceberg. You should be concerned that hct hr is trying to save money by stealing it from exiting employees who have earned it. And these are employees who have worked hard and loyalty for several years and in some cases decades. How do you think the actions of hct hr is effecting the international reputation of hct and do the actions of hct hr reflect well on the UAE? So, go ahead and investigate but be sure and solve the problems at hct instead of chasing hct victims.

Anonymous said...

Still smells to me like the OP is just trying to get others to sign up with a legal team who will then ask for an upfront fee to proceed. Not chasing victims, only trying to avoid creating more through a scam.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but your posting is confusing and what or who is OP? I would propose that if hct victims want to find out if they have a case for whatever complaints they have they should go for that free consultation. What I've heard about these lawyers is they already have a lot of cases and they prefer to take on cases they can win. Besides that it is the UAE government that asks for money up front. I honestly think that civil justice is only for those who can afford it leaving the low paid and those low in savings out in the cold. While lawyer fees can be negotiated and probably paid in installments, the court fees cannot. It almost seems like the government wants to punish anyone who files a civil case. Court fees for end of service civil cases start at dh 10,000 and can go up past dh 30,000 depending on the amount being sued for. Of course if you win your case HCT would have to pay you back for all those legal costs. The government ends up taking more than the lawyers eventually. There is your scam. There and in the office of pirate Zak at HCT.