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HCT Interview Experience.

The lengthy message below popped on Dave's ESL Cafe just today. I'm reposting it here in its entirety, as (a) it may disappear soon, and (b) I could never have put it better myself. The fact that HCT is coming across as an 'Evil Empire' even at the interview stage indicates that its final breaths are a lot closer than many of us thought.


So I finally have some experience to add to this forum. FINALLY! Mind you, mine only consists of a brief interview at the 2012 TESOL convention in the U.S.

I've never worked in the Gulf and certainly cannot personally relate to the stories I've heard about HCT as an organization. I will say that they present a very professional image at TESOL at least and look as though they have the potential to be a wonderful employer.

However... that said, I had my suspicions confirmed before I even met my interviewers when I approached an officiator at the check-in counter of the job market place to ask him what time I should arrive for my interview which was later in the day. As it was my first time at TESOL, I just wanted to make sure that one, I found the venue easily and could arrive early and two, I was in fact on their list for an afternoon interview.

When the man could not find my name on the list, he asked me who I was scheduled to interview with. When I told him, he rolled his eyes and sighed before informing me that HCT was the worst recruiter he'd ever dealt with in his many years of working the job marketplace at TESOL. He advised to me to arrive not one minute earlier than my scheduled interview time and told me to expect to wait possibly up to 30 minutes past my scheduled time as they always ran late. And he also warned me to expect moments of awkwardness between the HCT recruiters and the TESOL job fair employees as they apparently 'go at' one another from time to time due to these delays.

Well... a friend of mine also interviewed with them earlier that day and was actually taken back before her scheduled time. I decided to show up early anyway (no reason for me to behave unprofessionally). I then found out that they'd had several no shows for interviews earlier in the afternoon. The employee told me that this was also not unusual for them but rarely happened with other recruiters/employers at the job fair.

So... the interview.
First of all, I must say that my impression of them is only attributed to the two people who interviewed me face to face and the woman who shared email exchanges with me prior to my arrival at TESOL. I did not apply to them. They actually found me registered for the job market place and contacted me with an interview offer. They even went so far as to schedule it and ask me to reply and confirm. I didn't feel that I had anything to lose by confirming.

I was met by two 'members' of HCT from two different schools in UAE- one male and one female. I will not disclose names or nationalities. One was kind and agreeable to me, the other, quite the opposite. Their interview questions were clearly scripted and did not reflect any semblance of 'filtering' for qualified instructors. No questions about pedagogy, grammar analysis, learner linguistic challenges and so on, as I'd expected and hoped.

The interview was recorded, which I thought was a a very good idea considering their size and application pool. But that is really the only positive thing I can say about it. As I mentioned, one of the interviewers was so terse with me that I dare say he/she was borderline abrasive. It almost seemed personal. Perhaps I misread him/her, but I doubt it. I have quite a bit of experience with overseas interviews.

The focus of my interview with HCT seemed to be conflict: office conflict among colleagues, between me and my employer and between me and my students. Aside from my students, I have no examples of conflict to speak of.

The interviewer who seemed to be not that keen on me from the offset of the interview also didn't really seem to appreciate my lack of experience with 'office drama'. I'll let all you experienced HCT'ers draw your own conclusions from this.

There is quite a bit more that I can say about this experience, but I think I will close with an observation that out of all of the Gulf employers, HCT seemed to be the most involved in TESOL USA. They had 2 well-known presenters, many sessions for participants and apparently had students brought in to help boost their marketing as well. It became very obvious to me though that their efforts to recruit teachers/faculty/students were not met with a very rewarding or interested response.

My friend who also interviewed with them (and had a more positive experience) noted that there were more HCT people present and active at the conference than interested applicants/attendees. Apparently they'd booked a hall meant for 200 for a planned presentation on the benefits of living in UAE and working for HCT, and only had about 10 people.

And so ends my experience with HCT, as it were. Just thought I'd share that here. For those of you wondering if I am holding out for a job offer from them, I'm not. Otherwise I wouldn't dream of posting such comments here two days after my interview.

I find it all a bit disheartening though as I've been watching HCT for years since completing my MA TESOL and hoping for a chance to work for them. A few years ago when I found out that things had taken a turn for the worse, I gave up on the idea. Fortunately, my experience and qualifications have opened doors for much better opportunities both abroad and here in the U.S.

Again, this post only reflects my very brief face to face experience with this group. I've heard of a number of other teachers who have worked for them and been quite satisfied with the experience!

When I say a number though, I do only mean a small one...


Delma said...

Well said:

"Fortunately, my experience and qualifications have opened doors for much better opportunities both abroad and here in the U.S."

And that's my advice too. If you have the right combination of qualifications and experience, you'd be MUCH better off looking for SERIOUS employment elsewhere.

Only the truly desperate bother applying to work at HCT these days. That's very sad, I know, but also VERY TRUE.

Tayeb Kamali said...

The the KNOWN poster on the hate site as well as dear Delma above, I'll have you know that the HCT offers a quality education to well-deserving Emitari Leaders of the Future (currently the working title of our next conference).

It is losers like the two of you who are attempting to muddy the sterling reputation of the HCT. I know this for a fact as I told HESN just yesterday that the HCT has a sterling reputation! So, please, stop maligning the reputation of the sycophants that continue to provide excellent opportunities to our children to text and IM on their mobiles during class. I know that some education providers look down on this action going on in class, but do they realize that our excellent student force are actually DOUBLE-TASKING?

Breathing and texting isn't as easy as it looks!

And, my apologies to the wornderful staff that I own by calling them "sycophants". This was unfortunate. I should call them by their more correct title:

"Educated Sycophants who should know better than to work for me and my underlings, but who prostitute themselves for the Almighty dirham!"

Anonymous said...

You really should go and read the piece on Dave's site. The author has since added some more details, and it all makes for very revealing reading. Unmissable!!

Anonymous said...

I am the original writer of this post on the esl forum and I do not appreciate having it pasted onto this childish blog. While I stand by my comments, I have no firsthand knowledge of what it's like to work for HCT. I only meant to relate my experience with their interview on Dave's in hopes that someone affiliated with them would read it.

Anonymous said...

"Childish" indeed. The caliber of people fired from HCT sometimes exceeds that of those they claim are desperate enough to apply to HCT for work. In the case of this blog's owner, he far exceeds any such standard.

Anonymous said...

The writer of the piece posted at Dave's has expressed his wish not have his writing posted on this blog. Let's see if the owner here - who complains about the lack of standards at HCT - has any such standards himself.

Raja Karma said...

Erm, not quite sure about this one:

"The caliber of people fired from HCT sometimes exceeds that of those they claim are desperate enough to apply to HCT for work."

If we take 'caliber' to mean 'quality', or 'degree of worth', then it means that the author of this blog stands head and shoulders above the usual HCT oiks and goons, right? Was that the intended meaning? I don't think so!

And as for the clumsy juxtaposition of 'caliber' and 'fired' - well, I just hope you don't teach Creative Writing!

Anonymous said...

The posting on Dave's is typical of many cowardly and pompous 'teachers'. They think they're doing us all a great public service, bravely spouting about their opinions and experiences; but when they realise they've entered a minefield, they run like chickens and try to cover their tracks.

Well, wake up Mister Big. Didn't you realise that everything you post on the web can be hijacked?

Saddo teacher - get back into your comfort zone. If you can't handle a bit of conflict, stay at home!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that anyone who posts on the internet, such as the person who posted on Dave's ESL Cafe, opens themself up to being copied and re-posted. Just look at the Huffington Post which aggregates writing from other sources. I say if you post anywhere on the internet, it's fair game. The rules have changed!

Anonymous said...

Seems Suede is getting some of his own....

I read that Anthony Solloway in fact is both Suede Oasis of HCT Sucks and Poodle Pelham of ADWC!
Anonymous said...
I read that you are in fact Suede Oasis of HCT Sucks and that both of you are actually psychopath Anthony Solloway who is currently in a mental hospital.
April 5, 2012 7:36 PM
Oasis Living
Posted by: Oasis Living on April 6, 2012 12:41 AM

Anonymous said...

If SO is in a mental hospital, how come I saw him just this morning in AD Mall?!?

Anonymous said...

Raja,try reading more carefully. Maybe it will come to you.

Anonymous said...

"The rules have changed!"

Indeed they have. Just look at the drivel posted here.

Anonymous said...

There is just so much smoke about Anthony Solloway that there sure has to be some fire!

This is from the ADWC! website.

Anonymous said...

The dirt on the Anthonyb Solloway arrest ( whoever the fu*ck h is!)

"I am not all surprised that there is so much interest in Anthony Solloway fro Al Al Ain Men's College getting arrested and put in a mental hospital where he belongs. Anthony Solloway came to Oman from Hong Kong I where he had had a lot of trouble with everybody and where he had written a pathetic book criticizing everything in Hong Kong called "Does it really have to be like this?" Of course nobody wanted to publish rubbish like that so he published himself (what a loser!). Then we went to work at the HCT in Muscat. I worked there too and they were very nice people in my opinion. But he wanted to do everything HIS way (as always) and he was very upset becasue he thought that he was cleverer than anybody else ( What a deluded idiot !!!!!). He then got a job at the Men's College in Al Ain and opened a malicious site attacking HCT. Th rest as they say ids history. I'm very glad the psycho is history for me, too!"
Posted by: Sylvia Lum Yu Po on April 7, 2012 7:41 PM
April 7, 2012 2:48 PM
Anonymous said...

There certainly seems to be something in this. The comments on here about Anthony Solloway and on the Chinese sites and so I'm reliably informed on Dave's ESL Cafe suggest he was a backstabbing shit who got what he deserved. Does anybody know if the British Embassy are doing anything to help him?
April 7, 2012 9:16 PM
Anonymous said...

From what I can gather the British Embassy have washed their hands of Anthony Solloway. People tell me he was the author of the site. This was very different from the Suede Oasis site. Whereas Suede's site had a genuine reformative function Anthony Sollway's site was purely malicious.
April 8, 2012 7:13 AM

Suede Oasis said...

So really, I'm this Solloway character, am I? I see that the Goons at HCT have shown their exemplary management skills and insight again!

BTW, has it never occured to my followers, be they disgruntled or ungruntled, that SO might just possible be more than one person? And I don't mean bipolar, mateys!

Anonymous said...

Fame for Suede! Hurrah!

In this post from the HCT Sucks site Suede Oasis, HCT Sucks Camp Boss, Herr Suede suggests that Anthony Solloway may in fact be more than one person. An interesting observation or is the Suedester trying to distance himself from the hctmusactsucks site? Whatever the case that's probably a wise move. If Anthony Solloway is not yet currently incarcerated, I reckon he ought to be lining up for the next flight out of the place. I smell something in the air and that something is Retribution!

Anyway, here's Suede Oasis in his own words:

April 8, 2012 2:20 PM
Suede Oasis said...

So really, I'm this Solloway character, am I? I see that the Goons at HCT have shown their exemplary management skills and insight again!

BTW, has it never occured to my followers, be they disgruntled or ungruntled, that SO might just possible be more than one person? And I don't mean bipolar, mateys!

Somebody is VERY interested in Suede. HCT Goons on a fishing expedition?

Suede Oasis said...

HCT Goons on a fishing trip? They couldn't even agree on which way to row the boat!

Anyway, we look forward to meeting them. Let's see how well they handle pike!

Raja said...

"They couldn't even agree on which way to row the boat!"

Not true, Suede, and you know it. TK would tell them which way to row, and even if they started taking in water, his orders would have to be followed to the letter!

"Full speed ahead, you foreign dogs - this boat is unsinkable!"

Anonymous said...

Is Anthony Solloway trying to frame Suede Oasis?

A very interesting read. There are numerous linguistic clues and stylistic features that point to this Anthony J. Solloway being the same disturbed miscreant who set up the defamatory site and the hct sucks site, and who has it would seem been arrested in the United Arab Emirates or is on the point of being so.

Academic Watcher
Posted 4/9/2012 7:48 AM by Academicwatcher

Please be aware that the above posting is not by John Moustakas, but by one very disgruntled & obviously unbalanced Antony J. Solloway, who does not have the moral fibre to even sign his outrageous accusations in his own name, but frequently in the name of his chosen victim at that time.


Thai Bart said...

I met Anthony Solloway in Oman. We both worked at the HCT in Muscat. And we both had articles published in the Salalah CT Journal. Mine was about how I didn't have a clue how to control reluctant learners, and his was about how he didn't have a clue how to teach reading to people who couldn't read well already. I said to myself 'fair enough mate' and called it a day and moved on. But he had it in for the place and started the site. He tried to involve me in his sick project, but I told him where to shove it!

Delma said...

HCT's Wikipedia page still boldly reports the following information:

Controversies and mismanagement

In December 2005, soon after Dr. Kamali was appointed as Vice Chancellor of HCT, a spate of resignations were reported, raising concern among employees over increasing job uncertainty which could adversely affect the reputation and standard of the institutions.

Some 25 officials, ranking from directors, supervisors and heads of departments primarily from the directorates of Central Services and Academics at HCT, resigned for various reasons, prominent being the alleged change in policy after Dr. Kamali took charge in June.[13]

Moreover, the HCT system has recently been criticized after the College management reneged on a previously agreed 'merit pay' system, and also ordered cuts in pay increments throughout the organization.[14]

In September 2010, further degrees of indifference from HCT senior managers towards their staff were revealed. Teachers who were forced to transfer to HCT upon the dissolution of the UAEU's Foundation Programme were reportedly told that they were 'lucky to have jobs' when they complained about vastly deteriorating working conditions - 50% extra teaching hours and no pay increase to compensate. Moreover, the HCT Provost, Dr Mark Drummond, claimed that such complaints 'were to be expected', which hardly served to inspire confidence in the organisation. As a result of HCT's dismissal of the grievances of its staff, several teachers resigned immediately and many other have threatened to do so soon.[15]

More recently (September 2011) the HCT management reneged on their pay agreements even further, denying all staff their contractually-agreed increments without even bothering to notify them. Staff have reacted to the college's actions angrily, claimimg that HCT treats its teachers as "unskilled, disposable labour". One claimed there had been "a steady decline in the pay, bonuses and working conditions at HCT" over the past few years.[16]

Must be great for the recruiting campaign, eh, Tubby?!

Anonymous said...

"Must be great for the recruiting campaign, eh, Tubby?!"

The voices in his head say, "No!"

Ancestor Watch said...

Anthony Solloway's site makes Wikipedia.

Sondra Solovay, American attorney and fat-acceptance activist
Anthony Solloway British English teacher and creator of

Anonymous said...

Look like Suede's out of the frame then! The revolutionary vanguard is all the work of this Solloway guy. We have leader! Wikipedia says so , so it has to be true.

Suede Oasis said...

Oh, what a mighty relief! I was almost worried there - I thought I might have a competitor! Thank Christ they got the REAL looney and banged HIM up!

Anonymous said...

Anthony Solloway seems to be way more 'unpopular' than you Suede. He's in 2nd position on Punch in The Face Book.

Punch in the Face Watcher said...

Anthony Solloway moves into FIRST position, Nearly 5,000 punches in the face in one day for www.hctmuscat sucks creator. What a hero that guy must be!

Anonymous said...

Anthony Solloway was the HK equivalent of Neil Heywood - someone utterly deluded about their own skills and physical appearance. When I last saw Anthony Solloway in Hong Kong he was decrepit, unwashed and utterly incoherent after smoking incredible amounts of skunk. A guy about to turn 40 behaving like a kerrrazyy 16 year old.

He posted over 10,000 items to Dave's ESL over the years, under 25 different identities - including Ludwig, Jehann Cottard, And Your Bird Can Sing, Bertrand).

A dangerous individual with high level narcissistic personality disorder.

Old Pal2 said...

From what I can gather, Anthony Solloway www.hctmuscatsucks mastermind died in the cells. Nobody helped Anthony Solloway. Despite Anthony Solloway's death, he has been punched in the face 22,000 times on:

Where were you when Anthony Solloway need your help?

Grieving Ex Colleague said...

University Watch site ( confirms the death of Anthony J. Solloway in custody

Anonymous said...

Those of us who knew SO feared he would not rest until harm had come to somebody. Content now Suede? Or do you need more revenge?

Well done as well to all those Punchinthefacebook supporters who picked on Anthony. You must be proud of yourselves.

Suede Oasis said...

Erm, so I'm responsible for this poor fellow's death, eh? Perhaps somebody would like to explain to me just how, seeing as I've never met the guy or heard anything about him.

In fact, this whole story could be some sort of set-up, as I've seen nothing about it in the local press. And the death of a Brit in a Gulf jail would almost certainly attract the attention of certain parts of the UK press. Has anybody informed The National'?

Maybe this is one of those 'straw man' stories, designed to ... do just what? I have my suspicions here!

Anonymous said...

incitement is a serious charge (and extraditable as well).

Delma said...

Wow, I bet Suede is pooping his pants BIG TIME right now!!

Curious Bustard said...

This whole Anthony Solloway case is weird in the extreme. Just what
is or was going on here? As Suede says there is nothing in the press . But there are traces on the interwebs of a site called hosted by Mr.Site which, so it would appear,has been taken down. Internet searches also reveal that there was an English teacher working at UAEU Writing Center and that an Anthony Solloway wrote some idiot wannabee unpaid journalist pieces in that world famous Al Ain free magazine, Oasis Living. But where is the poor sucker now? Site owner, Solon, on the UAEU watch site confirms Solloway's arrest and death as a cautionary tale, and the same site points out that the reality is that in police states this kind of thing really can happen. Who knows? In an odd way this thing reminds me of the alleged British 'Sid' turf wars in Saudi Arabia a few years ago that simmered for quite a while before more than one death finally brought the whole sordid thing to mainstream attention

Anonymous said...

He's not dead, he's Moriarty - he always comes back.

Furious Custard said...

I think it's all a set-up myself. Maybe the UK Embassy can help sort out this one (ha!!), if there is anything to sort out.

Nazi Watch said...

I see the 'dead' Anthony Solloway is now advertising his book on that neo-Nazi site UAUE Watch. Turds of a feather really do flock together.

Anonymous said...

I think you meant that dead Anthony Solloway was advertizing his book on neo-Nazi site:

Coffin Watcher said...

I can confirm that Anthony J. Solloway former UAUE teacher and creator of www.hctmuscatsucks had a quiet funeral in the UAE. Nobody was allowed to view the body but the police and soldiers in attendance assured us that these were the remains of Anthony J. Solloway. There were mutterings that we were not allowed to view Solloway's body because it had been beaten horrifically, but this was denied by the uniformed clergyman.

Anonymous said...

If boss, Anthony Solloway, is dead how come he is going to be appearing at the Sharjah road Show on May 24th?
Posted by: Moriarty on April 27, 2012 8:30 PM

Anonymous said...

He's not dead, just realised that threads saying he's dead are unlikely to be as vitriolic as the ones describing his personality disorder. I saw him today eating a curry.

Disgusted Al Ain said...

According to a comment on Punch in the Face Book there is going to be a punch Anthony Solloway in the face personally event in Sharjah in May.Will the sick basta**s who have already punched his picture 40,000 times be punching his corpse!

Anonymous said...

A couple of people in Muscat discuss the Anthony Solloway case.

Concerned ParentApr 27, 2012 06:33 AM

Can anybody on Muscat Confidential make any sense of the reported arrest and subsequent death of a former Muscat English teacher?

The bizarre thing is that this person is now a celebrity on Punch in the Face Book.

It's all very odd

Conspiracy TheoristApr 29, 2012 03:32 AM

@ Concerned Parent

As you say this whole Anthony Solloway story is unusual. Or is it? Google searches reveal nothing except reports of what once was. And it appears that this Anthony Solloway (a former Muscat teacher) set up site attacking his former employers, speakers of Indian English ...and His Majesty. With that in mind rumors of an arrest are not without some possible foundation. And if it hasn't happened yet then I reckon it will pretty damn soon!

Anonymous said...

Calls to the British Embassy confirm there is no truth to the rumour that TEFL teacher Anthony J Solloway is dead.

Suspicious in Al Ain said...

Anonymous said...

Calls to the British Embassy confirm there is no truth to the rumour that TEFL teacher Anthony J Solloway is dead.
April 30, 2012 5:27 AM

Well, THEY would say that wouldn't they?

I smell a cover up! But who killed Anthony J. Solloway and why did they kill him?

Anonymous said...

Don't you think a British newspaper would be interested in this story? Don't you think a single reputable news source would have picked it up? Don't you think his family in the UK would know about it?

Roy Lewis said...


I tend to believe Solon on the UAEU watch site about the death of Anthony Solloway. Why would he lie? And how do you know that Anthony Solloway's parents do not know he is dead? What is incongruous though is the fact that Anthony SollowAy has been punched in the face more than 50,000 times on Punch in the Face Book.

There is also a call for people to go to Sharjah on 'on May 24th, 2012, from 13:00 – 17:00, at Sharjah Women’s College (HCT) to punch Anthony Solloway in person!'

Just WHAT did this guy do!!!!

Concerned Parent said...

What I find so strange about this whole Anthony Solloway malarky is how information seems to be being controlled. For example there have been several threads on Dave's ESL Cafe which have either been closed or deleted. Is somebody really trying to hide something here as says?

In it for laughs said...

Muscat Confidential readers bring us up to date with the Anthony J. Solloway story
Lucy Birrell May 10, 2012 6:51 PM
The UAEU University site that Anthony Solloway advertizes his book on or on which his book is being advertized is so insulting to Islam and Arabs that Mr Solloway is either a very foolish man or a reckless one. If I were in his shoes, I'd contact the site and demand that they remove my book. The fact that this has not happened suggests to my mind that he is in sympathy with the Islamophobic, Arab hating sentiments of the site.
May 11, 2012 8:03 AM

Is this the same Anthony Solloway who is acting as minder for SO on this site?

What's it all about Anthony? said...

Muscat Confidential now seem to think that pissed off book readers are behind all this punching of www.hctmuscatsucks creator, Anthony J.Solloway. The theory is that his book reviews are so puerile that book lovers have ganged up on Anthony Solloway!

Book ReviewerMay 16, 2012 1:38 PM

This notion of Anthony Solloway's death just being hype rings true to me. He seems to be a devoted self-publicist, carrying out a plethora of online book reviews that exhibit such a poverty of serious thought that they cannot have been made other than to get his name in print. Perhaps irritated visitors to Amazon are finally shouting, 'Enough!'

Anthony's mucker said...

I see the unfortunate Anthony Solloway has now accrued more than 335,000 punches on Punch in the Facebook and that a public shaming at the airport has been organized for when he leaves the UAE.

Logical Thinker said...

What's amazing about Anthony Solloway's Punch in the Facebook performance is that he has more punches in a 30 day period than ANY celebrity! As someone wrote somewhere, this is an attention-seeker doing this himself. What a weirdo!

Suede Oasis said...

"a public shaming at the airport has been organized for when he leaves the UAE."

So who has organised this? And when is he leaving? I think a lot of people would like to know!

You've Got Mail said...

@ Suede Oasis

The following comment appears on Anthony Solloway's Punch in the Facebook page.

"Punch Anthony Solloway at the airport as he leaves the UAE! Check your email for details!"

So I guess it's a case of keeping your eye on that inbox, Suede!

AS Colleague said...

Anthony Solloway now has a Namepedia page.

His fame is spreading far and wide.

Anonymous said...

These posts are utter bullshit. The man is not dead. Go fuck yourselves you sad TEFL fucks.

Take your pick said...

@ Logical Thinker

The debate still rages about what really is behind all the Anthony Solloway story. The Muscat Confidential people are are still on the case.

Concerned Parent May 21, 2012 7:27 PM

I think it's more or less certain that Anthony Solloway must be hyping himself with this Punch in the Facebook notoriety - but what an odd way to be become famous! as Book Reviewer says the man seems to be an attention whore, pure and simple. And I agree with Lucy Birrell that it's an oddball that allows himself to be involved with such an blatant anti-Arab,anti-Moslem website as UAE University Watch. Could he be the twisted mind behind that?

Anonymous May 30, 2012 4:18 PM

murdered by hong Kong Triads

So what it? Murdered by Hong Kong Triads or hyping himself up the Punch in the Facebook charts?

John M. said...

It's very obvious that Anthony Solloway and Solon from the Islamophobic UAE University Watch site are one and the same. In Hong Hong Kong, the universally hated and despised psychotic Anthony J. Solloway exhibited the same thirst for notoriety - hence choosing the name Solon, which so approximates his own real name.

Role with the punches said...

All quiet on the Anthony Solloway front for weeks and then this comment appears on Punch in The Face Book:

Khaled Al Habsi

Clowns like Anthony Solloway should not be allowed to live in Arab countries. He'll get more than punch when I get him!!

Solloway Agent said...

I hear that Anthony Solloway's Punch in the Facebook performance (nearly 1/2 million slaps) has won him a top goon squad position at ADMC. Watch out all those rascals on here ribbed him. He'll have a list of names!

Alfred Adler said...

I see Anthony Solloway's site is up and running again. He must be taking a break from writing excruciatingly badly- spelled critiques of unidirectional systems and fat-boy reviews of Al Ain eateries. What a lonely old world it must be for poor friendless Anthony Solloway.But I suppose he has his own, self-created, notoriety on Punch in the dace Book.

Alan Sugar said...

@Solloway Agent

Anthony Solloway's new position as boss of ADMC has been confirmed. The interview board saw his pot belly and insane stare, listened to his pompous boasts, studied his fake credentials and immediately offered him the job.

Not surprised UAE said...

That HCT should hire Anthony Solloway, tehhemost self deluded asshole in a TEFL world full of assholes does not surprise me in the slightest!

Anonymous said...

very true!

Lynx Nick said...

They'll send tiny Tim after you. That Brit is a mean spirited pompous ass. Sorry you ever had to meet that bully

Anonymous said...

Anthony J Solloway is now attempting TESOL for the 3rd time at Exeter University.

Suede Oasis said...

Third time lucky, eh, for the sad old loser!

Suede Oasis said...

OK, I know that this is the most popular posting on this blog, so I can only advise the following: DON'T DO IT!