Saturday, 30 July 2016

'Tiny' Tim Smith gets a Taste of his own Treatment!

Tears of joy have recently been reported to have flooded the streets of Al Ain. The reason? HCT’s ‘Tiny’ Tim Smith, also known as ‘The Timinator’ (on account of his propensity for firing people), and ‘Napoleon’ (due to his diminutive stature and autocratic demeanour), has finally fallen on his sword!

The wonderful story here is that several faculty members complained to the Ministry of Education about Tiny’s bullying and grossly unfair conduct, and he was finally dismissed. Apparently, the said members went to the ministry with reams of evidence regarding his repeated abuses of power, including unjustified terminations, and they promised to investigate. Amazingly, they actually kept their word, and – hey presto! -  six months later Tiny Tim was history.

Tim was like the dragon in a Lord of the Rings nasty, but instead of breathing fire his roar was full of bullshit. Surrounded by ass lickers like Rob Miles as goblins – albeit a lot uglier - Tim eventually ended up more like Darth Vader with his light saber shoved up his own ass.

Tim, like all dictators, just had to fall. And what a spectacular fall it was in the end! So it’s back to the trailer he came from for The Timinator of Al Ain.

As for his despicable sidekick, Rob Miles, the clock is ticking for him also.

PS: read more about the terrible tyrant here:

Do YOU have a Tiny Tim story to tell? If so, please unburden yourself below, and keep us entertained at the same time. Or just email us at .

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Anonymous said...

Original message --------
From: "Dr. Ali Al Mansoori"
Date: 06/03/2016 9:29 am (GMT+04:00)
To: HCT Heads of Academic Operations , HCT-DIRECTORS
Subject: FW: العرض التقديمي وعنوان موقع التصويت لجائزة الامم المتحدة

Dear Directors and HOA

attached is file that explains how to vote to the United Arab Emirates for the WSIS Prize2016. more information can be found at

Our student's participation is a must in order to increase the United Arab Emirates/ Ministry of Interior possibility of winning. Thus please we need your help with the following

1- Each HOA/ designee by the director is assigned as a project manager at your campus
2- The Registration process and the entire voting process takes about 6-10 min maximum
3- Students needs to focus on the United Arab Emirates project which is Category 7 ( C7) Emirates Vehicle Gate project however they can't complete the voting without finishing the full 18 categories.

We need maximum participation thus Kindly treat this with importance as we need to vote to our beloved country

Many Thanks

Dr. Ali Al Mansoori

Deputy Vice Chancellor- Campus Operations

Anonymous said...

From: Abdullatif AlShamsi
Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2016 12:37 PM
To: Ali Al Mansoori
Cc: Ahmed Almulla
Subject: Work placement students at HCT

Dear Dr. Ali

Please inform all Directors and HOA that hosting internship students in their local HCT campus administration is totally not allowed. All current students serving work placement at their campus is not counted toward their credit graduation. It only can be counted toward voluntary requirements.



Anonymous said...

Sent: Monday, May 2, 2016 9:46 AM
Cc: HCT-Executive-Deans ; HCT-ProgramChairs ; HCT Heads of Academic Operations ; Ali Al Mansoori ; Stephie Dsouza
Subject: Important Update on FWA Exams

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to update you on this semester’s FWA exams. Last semester, in order to ensure consistency in rigor between the FWAs and the course content taught there were adjustments to the students FWA grades. This semester this practice of curving student grades will NOT occur. Please tell your students that this practice will not continue as we now expect alignment between the course content and the FWA exams as well as appropriate rigor aligned to the respective course level.

Anonymous said...

-------- Original message --------
From: "Dr. Ali Al Mansoori"
Date: 10/09/2015 6:49 PM (GMT+04:00)
To: HCT Heads of Academic Operations
Cc: Taleb Obaid , Salma Abdelati
Subject: conflicts in timetable.

Dear Heads of Academic Operations

In connection with the incident where Credit-bearing courses conflicts of 80 students – (details of the students is attached, majority of which are in Engineering in ADMC; DMC and SWC (see table below)); and with reference to the Roles & Responsibilities for the Head of Academic Operations; the Violations Committee has been tasked with investigating against any Head who has neglected their duty to “oversee and is accountable for class schedules, faculty teaching schedules; and the operations impacting the students ability to access, receive and complete education”. However, in view of this role being a relatively new one; we will not take any action until Tuesday 15th of September in order for you to rectify the timetables so there are Zero conflicts. After this date, we will have no option than to commence the relevant disciplinary proceedings.

should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Chair of the Violations Committee

Suede Oasis said...

Well, I see that Tim has been busy clearing out his emails, and not just his desk! Keep 'em coming, Timmy!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the idea of a "Violations Committee"! It summons up images of Stalin's Russia or present North Korea.

Presumable it looks into the 'violations' committed only by the lower orders at HCT, and disregards those carried out by the senior management.

Anonymous said...

Because the VC had so many failing students and he was worried about his job, he ordered all grades, 23,000 of them, changed. Students who had failed received Cs and those with Cs were now As. Great academic rigor...not! The little mouse was caught but the government didn't care.That's the new and improved HCT...

Anonymous said...

Not soon enough.

I remember when he fell asleep while invigilating a Delta final exam.

When the course started he told the Americans to leave because:"Americans don't know how to write."

He was too lazy to prepare lessons for the course and demanded that the teachers do it for him.

He fired an American teacher on false pretenses and had a replacement waiting in the wings, a friend from Kuwait.

A total shit!, with a Napoleon complex.

May his trip to the airport end in a fiery crash.

Anonymous said...

How sad that the old expat HCT Goon Squad is being diminished ever so gradually. Perhaps we might even start missing them?

Soon we shall all have to get used to documenting the hilariously incompetent moves of the new Emirati masters.

Hang on - what do I mean by 'soon'? They have already started showing their abject incompetence!

Watch this space!

Holborn Harry said...

I look forward to welcoming Tiny Tim back to the UK. I can soon fix him up with a teaching job, no problem.

Bubba said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Napoleon has been terminated! That really makes my day!, there is Justice in the world!

Anonymous said...

Any more news on the previously mentioned breakup of HCT? Or does it really have to hit rock bottom before it disintegrates!

Anonymous said...

Is this Tim? The man who referred to 'Pakis' in a famous presentation to HCT teachers?

Anonymous said...

Geez, is there any thing more? Or ... what?

Suede Oasis said...

SO is always happy to receive new stories from past and present HCT inmates.

I have one in the proverbial pipeline at the moment, but would be grateful to hear news of another HCT disaster - I am SURE there must be plenty!

Bubba said...

Would love to contribute, but since those collective dicks sent me and the others packing from the Princesses "College" of AD some six years ago with the added six months' payout, all I have is reported stories of those not as lucky as us of having them pay through the nose.

The place continues to spiral downwards...even places as idyllic as Fuj are producing a steady stream of refugees.

At least the six months' bonus paid off my, not having to lay eyes on that whore, Jo "The Pro" Probert, ever again.

I see that it has backstabbed its way to being a chair!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think I know this Blubba fellah. You did well to take the 'generous offer' from King Tubby!

Jo Pro is still about, and as popular as a turd sandwich. But her turn will come, surely so!

Bubba said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bubba said...

Made out like a fuckin' thief! Serves 'em right. They cut 10 good people on "Employee Appreciation Day"!

I blame "Dickhead Dave" our temporary misDirector.

Kamali didn't have the balls to do his own dirty work. He relied on "Westerners" like all of those spineless Arabs

Oh sure, they're brave enough to slit the throats of flight attendants with box openers, but to do that, you have to be behind someone so they can't look you in the eye.

Yeah... really tough characters!

Delma said...

I fully believe that the 'trickle' of refugees from HCT, as mentioned above, will soon turn into a stampede when the 'management' unveils its latest plans at the end of the semester.
Remember, you read it here first!

Anonymous said...

Hey, wasn't there more than a rumour some years back of a 'relationship' between Tiny Tim and Shauna Fletcher, the ADWC lezza? Would sure seem to be an odd 'coupling', but, hell, whatever floats your boat!

Anonymous said...

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Bubba said...


Delma said...

Doctor Agbazara? I believe that he has been mooted as the next VC of HCT.

They certainly do need somebody with those 'special powers' to turn this turkey of an organisation into a 'high flier'!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Tim Shitm the terrible has fallen on his sword and I pray its fatal as God's justice to what he did to so many.Indeed, the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small. If he is alive, I wish him and his supervisors esam hamdi and all the mob acting in concert eternal hell.


Anonymous said...

Those exact sentiments are shared by many hundreds of teachers far and wide, both former and current HCT inmates.
Long may he rot in his well-deserved hell!

Suede Oasis said...

I have recently heard, and on very good authority, that Dr Agbazara IS actually Tim Smith! How can it possibly be?
And which one is the biggest bullshitter and fraudster?