Saturday, 17 May 2014

“Run AWAY! AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The following glowing report on HCT came from the following source:
You can find many similar reports there!
Administration (Current Employee)
 Dubai (United Arab Emirates) 

I have been working at HCT full-time for more than 3 years
ProsA lot of money for new technology.
ConsIf you want to be treated like a human being with employee rights then this is not the place for you.

They do not respect expertise, education, contributions, ethics or hard work. They do not care how important you think you are. They do not care how many publications you have. If you say one wrong thing, to one wrong person, you are out. Period. And you have NO employee rights and no recourse.

They are actually now cutting employee benefits. The new housing allowance isn't enough to get a shady dump in the wrong part of town for your family.

They lie about how great HCT is doing. It is all propaganda. In reality teachers are on mandatory overtime (as much as 25 hours face-to-face contact time per week). Nobody is allowed any money for professional development opportunities externally. Students are allowed to skip classes or turn in work at such low quality the teacher does not even know how to grade it. Students cheat on papers and exams and teachers are not allowed to fail them. Students do 10% of the work that would be required in the equivalent course in the UK or Canada. HCT shows the accrediting committees all the fancy course outlines and technology. The accrediting committee needs to just test graduates and they will then see the truth: students do not actually learn anything.

Technology implementation is done contrary to every single project management guide on the planet. There are no usability studies. No pilots. Stakeholders are not included in key decisions. Stakeholders do not receive any communication. And teachers must implement the latest technology change quickly or risk losing their job. They change technology on teachers every year or two. Today it is this device. Then tomorrow another one. Teachers are stressed as they keep having to revise all their curriculum for the latest technology change they are required to use.

There are NO chances for advancement. The job you come for is all you will have. You will never get promoted. They will dump more and more responsibility and duties on you but never give you a new title or pay raise. There are no pay raises. Ever. Never. Right now they are firing people and hiring them back for a lower salary and with less benefits (Yes. Really. Remember: no employee rights). The social disparities and racism are rampant on top of that.

It is a culture of fear and negative morale. I would not let my dog work here. This place is toxic. The second I can leave I will. Everyone is madly searching for jobs elsewhere.

No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company


Anonymous said...

Let's face it, anybody who is stupid enough to go and work for Arabs deserves all the shit they get!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That poster isn't "optimistic" about the future of the HCT - that is immediate credibility loss, in my opinion!

Haven't they been reading the HCT Sucks blog? Had they been doing so, they would know better than to state that the future is grim!


Khalifa Exile said...

Erm, yeah.

(scratches head and walks away)

Anonymous said...

Khalifa (good god, i hate that name!), here is a little quiz for you:

Define "taking the piss".

Khalifa Exile said...

Oh right, I get it now.
Guess it was a little too subtle for me, eh?

Anonymous said...

Get your nasty ass out of here retard!

Anonymous said...

It is reported, that they have not been successful in removing swine Monica Gallant, and that she has in fact secured her position at the trough, by wallowing up in the hierarchy.

Anonymous said...

Monica is a perfect fit for that sheithole!

She is completely unique - I have never met anyone that is anywhere near as disagreeable as that asshole!

Delma said...

Hey, I thought those Mozzies were not too keen on pigs. So how come they let Monica Gallant stay for so long?

Delma said...

BTW, if you're fairly new to this blog, you find out all about the dreaded (and dreadful) 'Doctor' Gallant here:


Anonymous said...

Well, there is the 'HCT Hall of Shame', on the right hand side of the page; and Monica is one of few on the list not yet axed; is there anyone else being targeted for deletion?

Anonymous said...

but she ascends to the Dean of bizness now cause Rudolf is gone and Sam no longer the handyman of all things HCT style .... she become the mistress of all below her ...

Anonymous said...

Ahmed Tabbara gone?
Hesham Shehab gone?
Sentil the Snake going?
There is a God!!!

Anonymous said...

There's another one here from the source:

“In 30 years of being a teacher all over the world, this college is the absolute bottom of the barrel.”

Faculty (Former Employee)
Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Pros – Summer vacation of (typically) 7 weeks if management allow you to take them.

That's all.

Cons – I would have said that the package was good when it was first instituted 25 years ago. However, pay has been frozen for 5 years nearly; housing allowances are way behind the reality of expensive UAE rental prices; therefore, one can only live in the cheap, very badly constructed buildings which are everywhere in the UAE and watch them fall down around your ears; health insurance now has too many exceptions; children's education allowance is woefully inadequate; airfares frozen at year 2000 values; vacations are a lottery as to when/if you get them (subject to managerial whim); innumerable layers of middle management are specifically in place to prevent effective management; too many 'managers' who are in their positions because of sycophancy and not ability; aged and broken technology (thereby negating the employers' name); truly awful students with truly awful attitudes; and, worst of all, lily-livered faculty who whinge in private but say 'Yes, sir, right sir, of course sir' when the boss is around. (I received two official warnings for standing up for myself while I worked there - both because my vacation was stolen from me by management. I neither had a vacation nor financial recompense.)

Advice to Senior Management – No need - management have no connection nor contact with anyone at all bar other managers in the endlessly hierarchical structure of folly.

Khalifa Exile said...

Hey, c'mon - you make the place sound too good!

Sutton Tutor said...

My god, what a wreck this place has become. I'm SO glad I'm no longer there in the cesspit!

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