Thursday, 5 August 2010

HCT's on Wiki!

This piece popped up recently as part of the HCT entry on Wikipedia. Interesting, eh?


The Higher Colleges of Technology, under the direction of Dr Tayeb Kamali, have been no stranger to controversy. In December 2005, soon after Dr Kamali was appointed as Vice Chancellor of HCT, a spate of resignations were reported, raising concern among employees over increasing job uncertainty which could adversely affect the reputation and standard of the institutions.

Some 25 officials ranking from directors, supervisors and heads of departments primarily from the directorates of Central Services and Academics at HCT, resigned for various reasons, prominent being the alleged change in policy after Dr Kamali took charge in June. [read newspaper article here]

Moreover, the HCT system has recently come in for strong criticism after the College management reneged on a previously agreed 'merit pay' system, and also ordered cuts in pay increments throughout the organization without attempting to explain or justify them in any way. For further details, see here: Pay frozen and job losses loom from The National, May 12, 2010.


Anonymous said...

Those paragraphs have been there for ages. They get deleted for a few days, and then they reappear. Who's playing cat and mouse, eh?!

Anonymous said...

Here's a funny note. If you click on the Provost Dr. Marshall Drummond's hyperlink on the HCT wiki site you'll read in part:

"Dr. Drummond also breeds, trains and raises mules..."

It looks like Tubby the Camel has found his man!

Now, if he were to hire Lee Majors, the star of the ABC program,"The Fall Guy", it would seem as if his all-star line-up would be complete!

Poodle Pelham said...

Ooh, you WICKED man, Anon (above)!

Suede Oasis said...

My thanks go to the owner of the blog called Expert Academic (surely a contradiction in terms?!) for this mention.

That's the way to go, fellas!!

Khalifa Exile said...

I notice that a certain Wiki 'editor' has received a written warning for blanking certain parts of the HCT page. The IP number traces back to ... HCT!!


Anonymous said...

This just in. I ran across this on wikipedia today as I was viewing the HCT submission:

Abu Dhabi Women's College (ADWC) opened in 1988. ADWC has 5 main teaching departments: Business, Applied Communication, Education, Health Sciences and Information Technology. ADWC also seeks to meet the needs of women who were unable to enter college directly after high school by offering a Work Readiness Program that prepares them for careers in private, public or self-owned companies. The wider community is serviced by Continuing Education programs which are open to the entire Abu Dhabi community. At present the college has no Director, as nobody wants to work there.

I peed myself just a little!

Poodle Pelham said...

Quite personally I find the frequent references to the 'Taffyban', 'Taffghanistan' and 'Osimon bin Jones' a little childish. Why don't you just refer to him as the unfortunate sociopath that he is?

Or perhaps 'wanky Welsh cunt' would be better ... ?!

Suede Oasis said...

Tut-tut, PP. I would kindly request that you confine your robust language to your own blog. Over here there is a rarified atmosphere that eschews smut and vulgarity, and prefers facts and analysis to unsubstantiated opinion and rhetoric.

So piss off you northern git!

archie bunker said...

Who put the link to this blog on the Wiki page? I reckon it was..... that man Dr Drummond again!!

Suede Oasis said...

Hmm, I see that HCT's Wiki entry has had more than 1500 hits in August alone. That's a LOT of negative publicity for "The Middle East's finest institute of education", as they like to call themselves!

Anonymous said...

The irony in SO's comment is that there is NOTHING "august" about the HCT in any way or form!

Khalifa Exile said...

Just who IS that HCT employee who has been ticked off in the following way by one of the Wiki moderators...?!

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