Saturday, 1 April 2017

The cut-throat tactics of pirate Zak!

Suede Oasis is once again very privileged to be able to bring to the public's attention another welcome case of 'overexposure' for a much-despised HCT goon and criminal; this time it's the repulsive individual pictured alongside, Mr Zak Ali Khan. My thanks go out to Agent X for this particular information. 

Please find below news from the front line, which has been supported by many first hand accounts. This report concerns the animal known as Zak Ali Khan, the HCT HR official who does the best he can to reduce the end of service benefits of exiting HCT employees. This happy and self-satisfied pirate has been a central figure in an illegal and malicious absconding report against an HCT employee who only wanted what federal law said he should get in his End of Service payment.  The absconding report was overturned and declared malicious by the UAE appeals court. 

If this cunning pirate had been working for a private company he would have been jailed, fined and his company penalized. However, since this unprincipled privateer is protected under a government umbrella, as he is in a semi-government company, he remains completely unscathed. He not only has not been penalized by the court or HCT, but he continues to work in the same position. That makes him more of a privateer, a government-commissioned pirate.

This revolting shyster was also the driving force against applying the federal laws that dictated that employees needed to receive 1.5 months EOS compensation per year of service after five years of service and 2 months after 10 years.  Until ... he was ordered to begin implementing these stipulations by the federal government early in 2016. To those employees he robbed of their properly calculated EOS, this unethical pirate's response was: "Well, you signed your end of service agreement." 

What this happy pirate doesn't know is that there is an Abu Dhabi lawyer who can help ripped-off HCT employees recover the amounts they should have gotten. Contact this website to get more information.

As for the pirate, Send him your best wishes for his financial success and his Trump-like ability to cover his ass.
Central Services PO Box 25026, Abu Dhabi, UAE. 
Tel: +971 2 206 6666, Fax: +971 2 681 5833

Gift baskets and personal well-wishing visits can be delivered to the Central Services office near the student entrance of the Abu Dhabi HCT WC city campus.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. It seems that this Zak guy in particular has made HCT vulnerable to lawsuits. He seems more interested in money than the welfare of HCT Human Resources. Why is this guy even still working there? Dope. Stupid me. It's because he is working for HCT.

Anonymous said...

I can NOT believe this scandalous lies! Mr Zak is a principled and educated individual who would never take another guy's pay packet.

Shame on you Mr Suede for this evil lies!

Anonymous said...

There is obviously a DARK SIDE to pirate Zak that you are completely unaware of. He is very charming and good at smiling but so was Ted Bundy. You can't judge a book by its smile or apparent professionalism, which is probably why he was able to wormly wiggle out of consequences for his actions. Or perhaps you are a member of his pirate crew. I also have experienced the slimy pirate side of Zacky. You obviously have only experienced the sunny side of pirate Zak and not the darker end where something else comes out. But thanks for your posting. Even a pirate needs a publicist.

Delma said...

So this person smiles at you and attempts to charm you over, and then stabs you in the back?

He must be a perfect fit for the current HCT Goon Squad!

Anonymous said...

There has been a question in my mind for a while since I first started hearing of teachers getting short-changed on their end of service. I have an accounting background so I know that it is a standard accounting practice to calculate and budget for employee end of service packages. I wonder therefore where that budgeted money is going if it is not going to employees who are leaving.

Suede Oasis said...

And that is a very good question indeed. Can anybody provide us with an answer?

Anonymous said...

Another vendetta-prone administrator is the the chair of the Western Region -- Peter Stanfield. We all saw how he ripped apart an excellent HCT teacher and trapped him out in the Western Region by denying him transfers for three semesters so Peter could keep him out there and torture him until he finally resigned. We couldn't say anything or complain upwards because we didn't want the same thing to happen to us.
And we all know what happens when you complain to upper management -- NOTHING. Watching that was enough for me; I left HCT a year later and I was not the only one. There are not many teachers left now in General Ed. I know of about at least seven teachers who left within a year of that. We were all happy to get out.

Delma said...

Stanfield is a puppet, a lickspittle. And being well over 60, he is due for removal anyway.

Be careful what you wish for. His replacement next year could be FAR worse!

Anonymous said...

That's the amazing thing with HCT. Just as you think it can't get any worse it does!

Suede Oasis said...

I just received these little tidbits of info about our Mr Stanfield. Can anybody else send more? It would be gratefully appreciated!

'Doctor' Stanfield is the chair of Gen Ed in the western region hcts. All the good admin have left - Shiela Andon, Phil Quirke, Nial Farrel, Ghassan - and he is like the burnt, crusty food left at the bottom of the pot.

He is a narcissistic and extremely vindictive asshole who is in love with the sound of his own voice. He is a sharp manipulator who knows when and how to throw candy to the teachers so they are willing to overlook his incompetence. And he is the primary reason classroom discipline has become so bad.

Being a narcissist he needs to be admired, and the most precious source of that is the students. He would rather be Santa and be adored by the students than lose that by cracking down more and restoring teacher authority in the classroom. All of the teachers working there know this, but they are afraid that anyone the HCT would send out to replace him would be worse.

It's a case of "better the devil you know than the devil you don't."

Anonymous said...

I know about that Zakir Khan guy. I had to deal with his front woman named Ranuka chowhound something like that. My end of service settlement was too low because it was only one month per end of service and wanted to talk to her supervisor. She would not even give me his name and I had to find out another way. I contact him and told him what my end of service SHOULD be. What an asshole. A piece of shit with a smile drawn on. He blew me off. I'd already sold or packed my stuff, had my plane reservation and cancelled my lease. This asshole had me at a disadvantage. I understand that according to Islam a thief should have his hand chopped off. Why does he have both of his?

Suede Oasis said...

Pirate Zak also has 666 in his telephone number. The devil's worker indeed!

Anonymous said...

Rumours are flying that Zakir Khan's crew are going back to the one month per year basic salary per year of HCT employment no matter how long an employee has worked there. Can anyone confirm this?

D. Merit said...

Where is that dedicated follower of fashion Simon Jones hanging out these days anyway?

Not too far from the eighth circe of hell, I hope.

Watch out for the simony!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the first circle - limbo - would be more appropriate for such an 'unsecured' traveller as SiJo?
Wherever he goes, it seems that nobody wants him!

Suede Oasis said...

I can assure D Merit above that Dr SiJo was fired from his posting in Kazakhstan after little more than two years, due to his inimitable ability to combine incompetence with arrogance and piss off a mighty lot of people!
He is currently hiding at a 'military college' in the UK - the ideal place to get fired from once more!

Anonymous said...

Question to Delma. How much have the teaching staff and student numbers dropped and why do you think HCT has allowed this to happen?

None of it matters since HCT HR has been instructed to allow the Western Region colleges to if possible to fade away enough to close down at least one of the campuses. Because of the need to bus in students and the dropping student ratios, it costs a lot per student to keep those colleges open. HCT has publicly expressed a commitment to the western region but that is only lip service. HCT is desperately and drastically cutting their costs. This has resulted in the culling of long term and expensive employees and draconian cost cuts to the western region.

The item I feel worst about is the deliberate theft from exiting HCT employees. And it saddens me that exiting employees roll over and let HCT do it. I very well know the difficulty of working to make HCT succeed despite itself to educate their students. The compression of two years of foundations objectives into shorter components proves That Key decision makers don't know a damn thing about education and don't have any of the foresight to understand the long term effects of their unwise decisions. It is the teachers who try to make it all work and to see the the extreme financial disrespect against exiting faculty has caused me to finally take a huge risk and speak. The person most responsible for this particularly saddening practice is Zakir Khan and those working under him. It has become very obvious to me that his people consider exiting employees with distain and opportunities to 'get a good deal' for HCT. That's the only reason Zakir Khan still has his job -- he is helping HCT to save money.

Zakir Khan knew from 2013 about the new end of service specifications but took pride in helping save HCT a lot of money by not applying them. The are other laws he ignores in the name of HCT policy. His sly satisfaction disgusted me. I was relieved to see an exiting HCT employee stand up to HCT and put up such a determined legal battle. I hope he hangs in there to the end. I have some sources who hope he succeeds and others terrified that he will. HCT should have tried to reach a settlement with him out of court.

To other exiting HCT employees I encourage you calculate what you should be getting according to law (rather than HCT policy). Since that is difficult due to lack of knowledge, I working on finding an expert to help people with this but in the meantime -- fellow HCT employees stop acting like cowered dogs and make an honest effort to find out what you should get in your end of service benefits.

Agent X

Suede Oasis said...

Of course I heartily echo the sentiments expressed above.

Just contact me on for the details of lawyers who can help you to get what you are entitled to by law.


Anonymous said...

I have talked to the lawyer of the previous HCT who has been winning his cases against HCT. He won his absconding case (after the ex employee refused to sign an end of service settlement offer he did not agree with HCT reported him as absconding) so now he can file a case for damages. He also won his recent end of service settlement case. He will get everything he was demanding. The lawyer told me that those teachers who recently received notices that their contracts would not be renewed must receive full salary for the six month period of time following that notification as severance. He wants to meet with those employees who have been victimized by HCT so he can get the money they are owed. If they want to return to their home countries they can commission the lawyer to manage their case in their absence. So, in a nutshell, employees should not be getting end of service only but severance as well based on their basic plus allowances. He said that perhaps employees lack the spirit to make a case and get the money that the legal system and laws say they should get. The main lawyer at the advocacy suggested that claimants first contact Dr Hassan. 0501820203

Anonymous said...

A source I have at HCT RAK who informs me that HR is trying to force exiting employees to accept the old pre-Federal proclamation one month salary per per no matter how long working at HCT. This of course is illegal and according to a 2016 addendum I read to the law HCT must follow, any HCT employee who acts in contrary to the body of laws issued by the federal authority of Human Resources can be procecuted and jailed and lose their job at HCT. The employee can also be demoted which is why Taleb Obaid was exiled to a lower position at HCT RAK. He doesn’t get it but he really should have lost his job and spent time in jail for the laws he broke.

The basic thing to keep in mind is that you can legally force HCT to comply with the law AND even get HR personnel fired, demoted, and procecuted, depending upon the final judgement by FAHR. You have the power if you want it.

So, what can you do? You can go to, download the decrees for 2013 and the add on issued 2016, read it, understand the implications and file a complaint through that website, AND get in touch with the lawyers at The objections committee at FAHR has been made up of spineless lazy worms in the past and complaining to them can be disappointing. It would be good to follow up your complaint with an email to the director of FAHR.

I hope this helps.

The most important thing is to be willing to admit to the legal rights you have and not just shrug it off, pull down your pants and bend over.
It’s your money, HCT is stealing it from you, and they should be stopped from doing so. How despicable! The federal government makes labor laws to protect employees and through the labor department forces the private sector to comply but at the same time the UAE government cannot adequately ensure that their own federal entities meet the same legal standards. How embarrassing and humiliating for THEM!