Saturday, 28 May 2016

Re: Lower Colleges of Hypocrisy

The message below from an HCT student was first sent as a comment to my previous posting about the college's reluctance to respect its own written contracts. However, I have decided to offer it star billing of its own, as it proves that HCT is about as popular as camel shit with its own Emirati students - and not just Western staff and faculty!


Greetings, Mr Oasis, 
I hope that you are doing well.

First of all, I would like to inform you that I have the exact same opinion as you do regarding the hypocrisy and nonprofessional assertiveness of the administration. 

I'm speaking of my experience as one of the direct entry students in a Women Higher Colleges of Technology student, and I'm not ashamed to say that the Higher Colleges of Technology is nothing but a sugar-coated pile of absolute garbage.

We all need to stand up to these pathetic and wretched individuals, which the warped HCT management system produces with such apparent regularity. If these bullies are allowed to continue their campaigns of vendetta and intimidation, they ultimately wreck people's minds and make their lives utterly miserable. 

I was forced by my parents to admit in this college, although I had very high grades in High School and was qualified for full paid scholarships in better colleges than this hell hole asylum. Little they did know how the HCT was a place full of corruption and malevolence. 

This vile sad excuse for a college has no respect for hard work, education or work. If you say one thing, you are out. None of the students or facility have rights. This place is toxic, and if it was not for respecting my parents desires, I would have never set foot upon this horrible, horrible place. In addition to that, guess what happened to me when I decided to fight for the rights I deserve? I got dispelled.

So I'm not ashamed to raise my middle finger out loud and say FUCK HCT, they shouldn't even be called "Higher" Colleges of Technology, more like Lower Colleges of Hypocrisy.

I rest my case. 
Again, Fuck HCT.

Wow, that is some 'recommendation' from a former student!

If there are any other current or former HCT students who would like to add their words, please do so below.

i look forward to hearing from you soon!


Anonymous said...

Well, the students hate the place, and the college workers hate it too. How did this circumstances come about?

Anonymous said...

Suede, it is unfortunate that you proffer this communication as coming from a female student. It is entirely fabricated, paints an improbable image of a female student and ill fits the tone of this site. I doubt the authenticity of the document and ask you to remove it. VS

Anonymous said...

And what makes you say that, VS? Did you write it yourself?

Bubba said...

I must agree with this VS person. Things like "regarding the hypocrisy", "sugar-coated pile", "malevolence", "vile sad excuse, "direct entry students","I rest my case" not to mention all of the "BE"-verb inclusions are all hallmarks of an L1 English speaker whilst terms such as "wretched" and "dispelled" indicate a British citizen...or a derivative thereof.

This blog holds too much credibility to go down this path. Take it down and denounce the "author". There continues to be fact, a former member of the Fuj colleges (remember how "distant and safe" those schools were considered?)just joined my employer.

Anonymous said...

anyone who has ever worked at HCT knows this entry was not written by a student. only a desperate blogger would tender it as such

Anonymous said...

Students at Dubai colleges who have come from private schools can and do write like that. They also are often the most annoyed by stupid rules.

Is that really VS aka Connie who wrote in? Jeezzzz

Delma said...

The idea that all of HCT's students are bone idle and/or almost brain dead is not entirely accurate. While it might be correct to apply those words to describe MOST of them, there are nevertheless always a handful of bright sparks. So it is quite likely that one of those motivated students wrote the message above, perhaps with the help of an older sibling.

Until there is convincing evidence to disprove the letter was written by an actual student, I would rather believe that it is genuine.


Anonymous said...

I had one (and only one) student who could write at that level. She was forced to attend HCT by her parents, whilst her brother was sent to medical school in the US - The student had the benefit of a foreign English speaking mother.

Bubba said...

"...a foreign English speaking mother."

Like you?

Syntax: Fail

Level: Miserable!

Anonymous said...


Is there anyone here currently or who has experienced teaching in HCT-fujairah?

I was interviewed two months ago and received an email that the college is interested with my application.

I would like to know about the teaching/working environment on that place.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Well, HCT will certainly no longer be interested in your application now that you have posted on this site.

And you should be VERY GRATEFUL for that, as you have saved yourself a lot of stress and trouble!

Anonymous said...

ROTFL ..... currently, there could be so few applications per month that you have flagged yourself as a security threat already since this site is monitored by hct ..... yep, thank your lucky stars that you won't get any further in the application process .... however, should you care to research Fujairah, why not try reading 'Alice in Wonderland' .... the allegory is ..... well ..... the truth will set you free .....

Bubba said...

Uhh...if you think about it, this bozo, that goes by "SC 30" on Dave's is probably at the level of intellect that the HCT is currently courting.

Someone dumb enough to post on a hate blog is probably at the right level to intellectually challenge the brighter ones there...

Holborn Harry said...

'Hate blog'? I thought that this was a 'truth blog'.
Now I'm confused!

Bubba said...'s the truth that is hated!

I.M.M said...

To whom it concerns,

I write this reply as the original poster of this comment above (I.M.M), and I couldn't care less how some of you doubt that I am an actual local and a former student of Higher Colleges of Technology (currently using a VPN to access this website), I actually consider that a compliment for my language skills so I am quite flattered. I have studied in private schools previously. Being good at English doesn't mean that it is my first language. Language skills can be improved for almost everyone who has the motive and desire to practise. I may have used British phrases but that doesn't make me British. I have always enjoyed reading books in English and that's what I have done since I was about 6 years of age. I didn't require nor use the help of an older sibling or anyone while writing that comment, I was simply driven by the desire of expressing my opinion towards these corrupted colleges and that's the reason I wrote that comment.

Not all locals are academic failures like you preassume, the fact that you judge by few ones that you got to interact with doesn't mean the rest of them are the same. Teaching at one of the HCT colleges also doesn't mean that you taught in all of them and met all different types of local students. I've always had a natural passion for languages and I can also speak fairly good Spanish.

What I have written came from a true experience of 8 months in this abyssmal torment and if you still prefer to label it as fabricated, that's your problem. Not mine.

P.S: I have successfully enrolled in another university studying English Translation and Literature under a fully-paid scholarship.

Anonymous said...

Well, there you go. So much for the conspiracy theorists!

Anonymous said...

Stay away from fujairah. It's another hct pile... but way out in the middle of no where.

Suede Oasis said...

I can second the remark made just above. Unless you appreciate the prospect of living in a shitehole in the middle of nowhere, stay well clear.