Tuesday, 1 April 2014

HCT Pay Out in Full - Blog to Close!

Yes, I am extremely happy to report that HCT have paid out the sum of almost $40,000 to secure the closure of this blog. This sum represents the gratuities that were denied to three former employees who were dismissed on false charges.

As a result of the above settlement, this blog will be closing down very soon, in accordance with the promise made to the HCT senior management. Certain postings will also be removed from the Dave's ESL Cafe website.

I would like to give my thanks to all the supporters of this blog - and its detractors - for their time and attention over the past years. Together, we have managed to prove that persistence does indeed work, and that the choking fumes of negative (but true) publicity can be used to positive effect.


Anonymous said...

April Fool's....

Anonymous said...

I wish if you don't shutdown this blog, as myself a studetn in this college. i cant open this blog as its blocked in the country. i wish to see the opinon of the teachers as they tend to be more silent to talk to the students, out of fear of what they would say will be known by the mangament. so i hope sir if you can move all the posts to some other blog as a documentation.
thanks alot,

Raja Karma said...

Ali, if you can't open this blog, how did you manage to post your comment?

Anonymous said...

i was in China few days ago, now i am on road trip around Asian countries, just few days and i will be back to Abu Dhabi.

I heard about this blog from one of my teachers who came from US. even though he read this blog, but still i don't know why he came?!! he's answer was: because i want to see you guys!! "sigh" Americans...

unfortunately i can't really spend much time surfing the internet while i am abroad, by accident i found computer at some museum in China, now am using this computer here at the hotel in Singapore.

I am glad at least somebody did something regarding this matter. I wish if i only had the courage to do the same. wither writing about the curve system, or the student who passed all his courses without attending any class just because his name starts with his "highness". or even the missed up situation early 2013 when the minster of higher education changed and before that they started to fire the teachers without any reason, as always they dont have budget. at least ZU students worked it out and manged to fire their new president!! only after a year of being at her place. i wish i only wish... thank you for at least writing. even though you represented the side of the teachers, there is also the side of the students that nobody's really care to know. but i guess that's life. as being young people and the weakest circle, i really start not to care about education. I just want that piece of paper and i will get out of the happy place.

I guess even getting straight A's really does not matter in this place or getting any recognition of the hard work.

this might be my last reply, as i don't know if i will be able to use computer later on, on my trip.

I hope if you can move all the posts to a new blog or at least keep this blog.

Thanks again and be well.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Ali, you guys deserve so much better than HCT. It's an organisation that started out with it's heart in the right place, but I'm afraid that it has now been completely compromised. The individuals responsible, along with their actions, are well documented on this site and elsewhere.

I wish you well on your trip.

Delma said...

It's so good to hear that even HCT's students have realised what an awful and dishonest the place has become.

Well said Ali, you deserve much better than Kamali's rotten empire!

Anonymous said...

Ali, you certainly do tug at my heartstrings.

I am from the USA and I hate the UAE with a passion, after 3.5 years of working at the HCT. Prior to the HCT, I was either neutral or positive about the UAE.

But you made me think - I actually liked the students of the UAE a lot, for the most part. Of course there were students that were a pain in the ass, corrupt, etc. but most were quite honorable and friendly.

The real problem lies in the other Arabs that are allowed to run the show there (think Farid, the Palestinian, running Sharjah) and support operations (think of all the Pakis that run housing, visas, etc., all getting kickbacks). Emiratis are either complicit (the reason for my feelings about the UAE) or they are clueless (the reason that you made me reconsider my attitude).

I would suggest that you seriously undertake a clean-up in the UAE. If you want to join the top countries of the world, you may be able to. But you must behave properly, and having corrupt non-Emirati administrators is not "the way forward".

Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

I do rather think that if HCT had paid out, they would have included a rider not to trumpet it here, but to do it swiftly and silently.

Am I right, Suede-O?

Suede Oasis said...

Oh, alright, I'll let on - I was pulling your collective leg all the time!

But stay tuned for more news soon!

Holborn Harry said...

Such a wag you are, Suede!

Khalifa Exile said...

BTW guys, if you don't believe what you are reading on this blog, just take a look here too:


It all screams AVOID HCT!!!

Shoofi said...

Digital media is separate from graphic design. There is a bit of similarity in motion graphics, which is under digital media.

Anonymous said...

$40000? You selling out cheap. HCT owes me more than $60,000 and I am just one.