Saturday, 13 August 2011

"You're all HCT cannon fodder, and nothing more."

The observations below arrived as a comment to my previous posting, but I feel that they deserve pride of place here. They appear to be from a former Big Cheese insider at HCT, one who was no doubt unceremoniously deposed by King Tubby and his cronies. His remarks offer a revealing insight into just how Kamali's 'inner chamber' works, and how Dr SiJo has been instrumental in such disgusting deceit and corruption.


"make a list of all those institutions and organizations with whom HCT has signed MOUs, and established partnerships, and inform them of the Faculty and support staff view"

The person who wrote this obviously doesn't understand anything about HCT's MOUs and deals with external institutions, or how it all really works.

Firstly, there's literally a box-load of MOUs at ACS gathering dust in a closet. Most of these have simply been self-congratulatory wank-fests and photo-ops for Sheik Nancy and his/her girlfriend TK. I was personally party to at least 2 of these meaningless exercises signed with VIPs with stirling credentials from world-class institutions. There are dozens, if not hundreds of these useless scraps of paper that have been signed and largely forgotten.

The institutions signing with HCT don't care about any of you little people or HCT's integrity. It's all opportunistic and about the money. Now that there's not so much money to grease palms, the MOUs have started to dry up.

The same goes for the institutions who are actually doing something with HCT, such as those involved with CERT.

Money simply flows into pet projects and away from HCT. Festival of Stinkers and Education Without Benefits are just 2 that actually see the full glare of publicity. There are loads of other spurious activities going on, that none of you know about.

For one thing, CERT is a black hole.

The MBA scam at CERT uses links to Harvard and Stanford etc. to sell the program for huge fees (but still loses pots of money), when in fact it is only faculty from these schools who are flown in at great expense and for obscene fees to teach the odd course here and there: (e.g. one Harvard prof was paid $120,000 US for a 30 hour module. A Stanford prof was paid $89,000 for a similar gig). SiJo is at the center of this scam, running the show as head of grad programs, and doing the bidding of the 2 top dogs - Nancy and TK.

The degrees have Harvard and Stanford watermarked in the background; a sinister idea from HCT Academic Deputy Provost Jim Pounder to delude the naive locals that they are actually getting an accredited degree affiliated with top business schools. It's all a shameful con job.

Want to know where a lot of HCT money has gone? You don't need to look any further than HCT Foundation - a topic so hush-hush that even top brass at ACS are scared to discuss it. "It's above my pay grade," was the response from an ashen-faced Jim Pounder in an ACS management meeting, when asked about HCT Foundation by one of the deans.

The general belief, of course is that it is TK's and Sheik Nancy's personal slush fund.

The bottom line for all of you in the trenches is - NOBODY (who could do anything, that is) CARES! There's too much grand larceny going on at the top and too many noses in the trough (both internal and external) to worry about the peasantry.

Suggesting that anyone, including outside institutions or accrediting bodies cares if you're sacked, treated badly and generally abused flies in the face of reality.

You're all HCT cannon fodder, and nothing more.


Delma said...

The general belief, of course is that it is TK's and Sheik Nancy's personal slush fund.

No, that's not just a 'general belief' - it's fairly common knowledge.

Anonymous said...

[Suggesting that anyone ... cares if you're sacked, treated badly and generally abused flies in the face of reality.]

If only the owner of this blog understood as much.

Delma said...

I'm sure he does.

And I'm also sure that SiJo and TK know that this blog will be around for a very long time.

Unless they do something.

Anonymous said...

This blog, a monument to wounded ego, suggests he hasn't.

Delma said...

The problem with monuments is that they outlive the creator.

Anonymous said...

Perfect description of Management at HCT.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Glad someone finally brought up the HCT Foundation. Slush fund it is.

Anonymous said...

Want to know where a lot of HCT money has gone? (Part 2)

One of the biggest cons (all but hushed up until now, of course) was the huge kick back paid to Paul Mace and TK (and others?) by the regional Adobe distributor, based in Dubai, GRAPHEAST.

Some 6,000+ Adobe Master Collection and Creative Suite licenses were ordered by Paul Mace in 2009 so that even lowly secretaries had this rather specialized (and expensive) product loaded on their computers. At $500+ USD per educational license, that's $3 million ++.

When this little accounting error was discovered and reported to Senthil Nathan, the messenger was fired; although they did quietly find him another job on the provision he keep his mouth shut.

In 2010, when the licenses came up for renewal the question was asked of the (new) resident expert on Adobe products at ACS (also fired), "Do we really need 6000 licenses?" He answered that at best, maybe 600 were needed across the entire HCT system.

This means that Paul Mace and TK (and whoever else) pocketed a percentage on 5400 licenses ($2.7 million approx.).

Nice work, if you can get it!

Magna Carter said...

Part 3 - The scandal of millions of bucks squandered on the pampered HCT management, when it is supposed to be used for the benefit of the students.

This money is supposed to be spent responsibly on scholarships, to build programs, and hire international experts. But what happens? Kamali and his cronies divvy it up amongst themselves! Now you know why there is a freeze on salary increments.

I seriously recommend that HCT staffers go to the HCT Foundation website and begin contacting the businesses that support it. Ask them what is going on, and they will report that it is a scam.

Also, from what I understand, one of Kamali's minions has started a serious international problem with a high profile individual who works for HCT, and the royal family is also involved in the fiasco. No shit!

Should be interesting, at least, anyway. I'll keep you all updated.

Raja Karma said...

Holy Moley, MC - give us more, more, MORE! My only hope before I depart these enchanted lands is that I see my lousy employer embroiled in a real 100% stinker of a scandal!!

I shall be informing The National of all this. I'm sure they'll have more leads on this case!