Thursday, 7 July 2011

HCT in Ras al Khaimah (part one)

This is to wish good luck to Dr Robert Moulton (also known as Dr Bob Moulton) in Ras Al Khaimah Higher Colleges of Technology on the second anniversary of his securing his prestigious appointment of not just one but two colleges (sometimes jokingly referred to as universities).

The link below is to a discussion of Dr Robert Moulton's characteristics as a leader, as those who worked with him in New Mexico State University fondly recall his greatest achievements and share their heartbreak over his departure. The piece below speaks for itself. Nothing has changed since he came to RAK.

Here´s hoping that HCT do some basic internet checks before hiring the next generation of directors and provosts. After all, there is so much good stuff out there about the present incumbents!

For those of you with too little time on your hands, here is a brief selection of some of the choice comments contained in the link...

Bob Moulton, who served as interim provost under outgoing Interim President Waded Cruzado, is leaving New Mexico State University, the school announced Tuesday.

No loss. Moulton was all about Moulton. VP Howard's crack university communication sent out a press release today saying Moulton was off to oversee a university in the mideast. Five minutes later, after an angry Moulton read it, Howard's comm department sent out another email explaining CORRECTION Moulton would be overseeing TWO universities in the mideast. So there!

Moulton is a poor excuse for an educator and the College of Education is much better.

The students he allegedly helped should consider themselves fortunate because he wronged so many with his inept policies. He looked down on faculty and staff and did not respect the tenets of a sound academic institution - it is about creating a learning environment and it is not about turf wars and bureaucratic "charges" that Bob was so fond of espousing. Someone earlier wrote good riddance - that was speaking the truth.

Dr. Moulton hasn't been allowed to think for himself in some time thanks to Cruzado and the rest of the so-called admins. Recently he promoted and gave tenure to a less than deserving faculty member. This faculty has received repeatedly bad evaluations from students, an extremely poor research record and is prone to bursts or anger and physical threats. Yet, since said faculty kissed the right admin. asses, they slipped his less than adequate package into the "Bob sign these papers. No. Don't read them, just sign," pile.

Good luck in the UAE!


Anonymous said...

´¨wronged so many people with his inept policies¨ they said in his old university where he was struggling to do the job of dean before HCT was stupid enough to give him the job of director. He´s still wronging people including students, counsellors, Chairs and support staff -- nobody is safe from his ineptitudes.

Anonymous said...

What is this about chairs?

Anonymous said...

Well so Bobbie Moulton has made it onto these pages at last, about time too. About chairs, Bob was the managment equal of an ax murderer. He chopped the chair of computer and business in the mens college and sent him as teacher to the womens college. Then Moulton set his sights on the chair of foundations in the womens and made her a teacher, kinda. Then he sent the foundations chair from the mens to the womens and then canned that guy as chair not just one time but two. then he took umbrage to the chair of business and computer in the womens and gave her her marching orders. the chair of engineering in the mens probably saw the writing on the wall and wisely fled to a better job.

Bless them all cos no matter what their limitations they did a hell of a lot more for educcation and benefited the colleges a million times more than memory-challenged moulton could ever do.

Magwitch said...

Looks like Dr Moulton is heading for a deserved appearance on!

Anonymous said...

All true. Moulton probably wanted to impress the goons in Abu Dhabi by showing them that he could run two colleges on a skeletal supervisory staff and thus reduce costs. He said that in the (lousy low ranking) American university he came from, they got by on a much lower ratio of people in supervisory jobs.

The second reason Moulton decimated the middle-management team he found when he arrived was that he wanted to build up his own little entourage of people in those positions who would feel beholden to him and owe him something and always say Yes Doctor Bob.

The sorry outcome of all this is that standards have dropped dramatically since the time of his predecessor and even the Claw when the RAK colleges were doing really well. Top of Moulton´s agenda for last year´s action plan was to restore systemwide exam performance to what it had been before his arrival. That plan failed miserably. He is not an educator and he cannot operate as the director the colleges need (and used to have).

Anonymous said...

Low ranking! You got me doing some research and I find that Univ of New Mexico is in the range of 401-450 in the world´s universities. This puts it in the same league as Teheran Univ. Chiang Mai Univ and King Abdulaziz Univ. It´s below United Arab Emirates University (372)
National University of Sciences and Technology Islamabad (366)
University of Essex (305)
Bilkent U. (332)
KFUPM (255)

When HCT keeps rabbiting on about excellence why can´t they recruit their directors from excellent schools. Moulton´s Univ scored 27 out of 100! How do they expect awful people from low scoring universities to help with leadership, accreditation, etc. ?
Do your research, TK and Human Resources before squandering a huge portion of your budget on guys like this!

See page 9 in the link

Anonymous said...

"Moulton decimated the middle-management team he found when he arrived ... to build up his own little entourage of people in those positions who would feel beholden to him and owe him something and always say 'Yes, Doctor Bob'."

Moulton and his hand-picked team of 'Compliance Monkeys' are doing their best to turn the place into what the HCT colleges in Abu Dhabi have become - awful places to work at, in which only the wrong survive.

Anonymous said...

PS: I see that he's now made an appearance on 'punch in the facebook'!

Anonymous said...

Will the creator/owner of this blog please identify himself, his credentials, and his accomplishments? This reader looks forward to comparing yours to those of whom you criticize.

Anonymous said...

Ah, it's the 'Hosni Mubarak' approach, I see - 'You have no right to criticise me, your great leader, as you are just a seller of watermelons', etc, etc...

Pathetic. Just shows what assholes these HCT management muppets are!

Anonymous said...

I don´t think the owner or writer of this blog is managing two colleges at a salary of almost 90 thousand dirhams a month and so his or her credentials (and salary) might be those of a teacher.

Yes, let the water melon sellers criticise their arrogant and useless leaders, specially when those leaders inflict so much damage.

Raja Karma said...

Mmm, for a monthly sum of 90k you can get four or five good teachers ... or one Bob Moulton.

Isn't this what they call a 'no-brainer'?!?

Anonymous said...

I would defend Dr Robert Moulton´s credentials to the hilt. He is the perfect person to lead two HCT colleges in 2011. Look at his Ph.D

Michigan State University, Ph.D., 1974: Speech and Hearing Sciences (Research Base
for Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, and Deaf Education), minors in Special
Education Administration and in Anatomy/Physiology (Head and Neck).

The credential is from 1974 and the Head and Neck are particularly useful in providing leadership to a modern college of technology.

He was also a tenured professor. quote Tenured professor of Special
Education and Communication Disorders, 2000 - present.
Do the communication disorders include shouting in anger at Emirati staff, one must enquire gently.

Anonymous said...

So he got the sheepskin, erm, more than 35 years ago?! And what has he published since? What has he achieved since then ... or more importantly, over the past ten years or so?

Anonymous said...

People who manage well can come from any background, I don't care about the rank of his last posting,

It is too bad to read about HCT going downhill and sad that it takes a sledgehammer approach to accountability. Even with a grain of salt, there does seem to be real problems there. The economy doesn't help does it?

HCT's real stakeholders can be sure that due to the excellent prominence of this blog, that these questionable practices are now under the microscope.

This blog is a good thing for governance at HCT and the UAE, it's modelling what educators and most leaders want their students to learn to do.

I'm sure there are many who would post here if they knew how easy it was and how anonymous it is. It would be good to get a broader range of opinion to understand the situation better.

Swirling Dirvish

Anonymous said...

[This blog is a good thing for governance at HCT and the UAE, it's modelling what educators and most leaders want their students to learn to do.]

It would be preferable to ask our educators to teach accountability, fairness, honesty, generosity, patience and kindness, none of which are exhibited on this blog.

Anonymous said...

[So he got the sheepskin, erm, more than 35 years ago?! And what has he published since? What has he achieved since then ... or more importantly, over the past ten years or so?]

I have the same questions about the blog's author.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at this link to see how much Moulton was (over)paid in his last mediocre job, in a university where, according to the comments, students were dissatisfied or jobless and tenured faculty were fleeing.

You will see Moulton is 12 on the list of overpaid public employees.
12 – Robert Moulton, dean, College of Education: $158,068.13

Here´s a math problem . If Moulton is getting almost 90 000 dirhams now, by how much has his salary increased for mismanaging two colleges? Nice retirement little number Bob. A pity they couldn´t find somebody worthwhile to direct HCT rak colleges for the same salary.

I would say your doing a great service posting this information.

The people on this list should be ashamed of what they make, considering the fact they make more money by not paying their support staff what they are worth.

Considering this is southern new mexico, and the average college grad can't find a job...

Anonymous said...

At last Moulton´s consistent in his disgraceful contempt for support staff, both in Univ of New Mexico and in HCT

Swerving Dervish said...

It would be preferable to ask our educators to teach accountability, fairness, honesty, generosity, patience and kindness, none of which are exhibited on this blog.

Well, until the HCT management start to exhibit those wonderful attributes, instead of being arrogant, unaccountable, unfair, dishonest, miserly, impatient and cruel (and I could add plenty more!), then I guess blogs like this will prosper and proliferate.

'Cos what goes around, comes around, as they say!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, if you practice small-mindedness, this is what you will likely encounter in others.

Anonymous said...

At least have the compassion not to punch this elderly old American gentleman in the face. again. He's had only 20 thousand punches already. He's stupid, and forgets everything and is very confused about hct. We know. No need to proof it further. Live the guy alone. Please. no more punches. He could be your father, or maybe grandfather.

Poodle Pelham said...

He could be a bastard, too. And an HCT bastard!

So, yeh - give him a smack in his ugly fat face!!

Anonymous said...

Breaking RAK news. SMS top secret from Abu Dhabi that they’re booting the RAK Associate director out of the RAK colleges.

Ali’s an Emirati kid who used to be a student at HCT and then grew too big for his own britches or wazir and he kinda fancied takeing over the place.

The CLAW tried to show this local guy how to run a college but this proud Mansoori had no time for the upppity snooty airhostess with her patronizing attitude to the natives, and many’s the fight we saw in the women’s college as their tempers clashed and they went storming off in different directions from unresolved meetings. Wonderful entertainment for the plebs. Then the new Mexican Moulton adopted the kid and tried to teach him the skills! Moulton. Claw. Teachers of management. Go figure, guys!

Now after a prolonged storm of criticism gathering from all sides, Abu Dhabi responds by pulling dumb Ali out. Next week there will be diplomatic communications. Abu Dhabi is also keeping an eye on Bob the Destroyer. Ali, who was being groomed for the RAK directorship until shit hits many fans, is just one more of Bob’s failure. It would have been a fairytale ending from the pen of TK: local student makes good.

Of course, HCT could change over the weekend, and keep Ali, retire Bob and make Tayeb a senior vice chancellor. Que sera sera.

Anonymous said...

Awesome if its true. Mean's somebody is beginning to pay attention to RAK out there in the wildnerness at last. Moulton's little empire, Moulton thinks running it according to his mad-king whims.

The toadies close to him, wining him, dining him, flattering him, whose life mission is to suck up to him no matter how mad he gets in his madness should begin to feel a twinge now. They have indulged him long enough. RAK's worst director, everybody says. RAK and ruin, with Moulton responsible for the ruin.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody in HR at HCT go back and read the online messages from moulton's previous workers about ANGER? and control?

Control of messages? That's what bob's all about. Controlling the message. not controlling the managment anger. His own disordered personality and its ugly manifestations are clear.

Guess that's what HCT in its 21st century wisdom wants. 21st century technology married to 19th century control freak or southern US states managment= modern recipe for educational disaster.

HCT when it hired bob settled for so little Amderican expertise in return for so much Emirati money, + housing + tickets. HCT purchases illusions of managment. In return, they get nobodies who lead HCT nowhere.

Sing, Bob, about Ghaza, sing. yYah, you did something good once for a brief moment in your life. Befoer you decided to exploit it to your career and pension advantage. I love the Ayrabs you say to the Sheikhs. . Give me 100,000 a month, more or less to misdirect two good colleges.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Associate Director Ali's brother in law will hang on to his 'job'?

Bob and Ali got together last semester and worked out how to give this guy a cushy little number. It meant firing a few people here and there.

Abdullah sits in an office and does nothing (apart from endless phone calls that have nothing to do with HCT). He's even lazier than brother-in-law associate-director Ali. 'Less than useless" is what people say when they see Ali. It's all in the family.

Rakman said...

Of course, Ali and Abdullah represent the 'aspirational Emirati' mentality - a cushy non-job for a big salary.

That's the way to move the nation forward! And that's CERTAINLY the way to move HCT forward too!!

Suede Oasis said...

R.I.P. Doctor Robert 'Bob' Moulton.
Missed by many ... erm, I mean NONE!