Thursday, 31 March 2011

CERT Boss in College Porn Scandal!

Reports have come in today concerning a management reprimand (but no dismissal) issued to Tricia McGurk, a CERT supervisor who has been caught performing in sex tapes sold on the internet.

The HCT employee has been reprimanded after homemade pornography - some of which was sold on the internet - was found on her college laptop. Her office computer was found to contain nine videos and 12 images of her engaging in sex acts with her husband, Phil, who previously worked at ADWC.

According to reliable sources, the hardcore content was just 'two clicks away' from being visible to all HCT students, the disciplinary panel was told. It was also revealed that some of the videos were for sale on a website under the title My Sexy Secretary’s Blow Jobs.

The computer had also been used to visit a website selling pornographic clips, where a further 80 graphic videos featuring Mrs McGurk were found. One colleague at CERT claimed: "It's absolutely disgusting - she's much too old for that sort of thing."


Anonymous said...

Whoever is in that video, it's definitely not Trish McGuik.

Anonymous said...

This blog was fun at first, but it's become dull with its shrill and repetitious style. Is this what you want to be remembered for Steve? Wrapped up in a cocoon of hate and spite? Do you want your friends and colleagues to judge you by this. Do your kids know this is what their Daddy does in the evening?

HCT is like any other Gulf organisation: weird, nasty and difficult at times. Most of us though take the rough with the smooth and get on with living our lives positively and productively as best we can.

How many years before you stop re-living your Groundhog day and get on with your life?

Most of us would have moved on to bigger and more positive things by now. The real tragedy is you are unable or unwilling to do so.

Suede Oasis said...

April Fo-o-o-ols!!

Anonymous said...

Nice one, SO! It's about thime time that useless old trout got a dose of her own humor!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that Trish 'McTurd' is good at is bullshitting and backstabbing - prime qualities for HCT management!

Anonymous said...

And just WHO is this 'Steve' mentioned above?! Can we look forward to an outing soon?!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I don't find this funny. Are you a professional or just some punk?

I have read this blog since it started, and I have agreed with many of the posts about the incompetent, bullying, (mis)management at HCT, but this is in poor taste.

Anonymous said...

So Steve, er Suede, I guess HCT hasn't paid up yet, mate? I suppose this is one way of upping the ante, but it does nothing to dispel the impression - laid bare for all to see by the email you sent to DTK and R.Young - that you are little more than a contemptable chancer hoping to parlay your obsessive grudge into some blackmail money.

Suede Oasis said...

If, by the phrase 'obsessive grudge', you are referring to the process of restoring honestly-earned gratuities that were dishonestly with-held by HCT, then you might well be correct.

And if, by the use of the term 'blackmail money' you mean those very sums that were denied us by HCT's criminal actions, then again you could be right.

But I feel you are guilty of using emotive language to attempt to score an unfair try. Any other right-thinking person would see through your linguistic ploy, I feel.

Fact is, anonymous, there are those who are happy to be shat on, and there are those who ain't. And the latter tend to throw the shit back from whence it came.

Read that bit again - "throw back the shit to where it belongs" (OK, it was a bit of a paraphrase that time).

In other words, provenance is important here, and the good, the fair, and the innocent will never be mentioned this blog. Get my drift?

Yes, this blog ... will not go away until justice has been done to the aggrieved parties. And that's not a matter of not being able to 'move on' or 'get on with our lives', as we've already done that.

We're such great multi-taskers, you see - looking backwards and forwards at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Your a classy dude Steve. BTW, how long did it take you to type out your 'hilarious' April fools sex tape gag using only one hand?

Khalifa Exile said...

Oh, it probably didn't take him long at all. He is after all, a self-proclaimed expert at 'multi-tasking'!

Anonymous said...

Oh, will somebody PLEASE let on just who this 'Steve' dude is!? It's driving me NUTS!!

Anonymous said...

When I worked at CERT she was known as 'Trish the Fish' - slippery and pea-brained!

Anonymous said...

That's an insult ... to the fish!

Way to go, Trish!!

Anonymous said...

First of all, the woman is the linked video is NOT Trish.

Second, if you have actually seen Trish, you would realize that the video camera would probably explode if it were exposed to the real Trish engaged in that activity.

Let's keep it real.

Anonymous said...

ok slow down a little and lets not lose site of the bigger picture here.

We all know that HCT is not really an education institution. This is going to hurt, but as a former employee, honestly I would have to say that most staff that worked at HCT would not qualify as an academic, I mean seriously they would not get a job at where else, that was really the reason i had left that sad place. I had meet so many losers that would not get a job as academics back in their respective countries. after a while, i felt depressed and almost fell into the deep dark black hole of HCT, yes sex tapes don't surprise me, a former homeless person from London becoming and English teacher @ HCt...., hence why i had refused to be classified in the same boat as a McDonald's cheese burger specialist. but that's a another story. hence I felt it was best to leave. so they way i see it two class of staff, losers that can't get out, or the others try it for a short term and fly away as quickly as they land.

Suede Oasis said...



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